2020 Financial Results


AuM 2019

56% NPL / 44% UTP


AuM 2020

58% NPL / 42% UTP



3,7% degli AuM


+126% a/a

78% Investitore/ 22% Servicer



74,2% EBITDA Margin


Utile netto

+80% a/a


CET1 Ratio

we look to the future
by changing the present

AMCO means the future because we transform NPEs into a new start.
We ensure business continuity
Through proactive management focused on the borrower
Tailored recovery strategies
Based on the characteristics of the loan
New financing opportunities
To pursue financial and corporate restructuring strategies
our focus is on performance
AMCO strives for high performance levels in portfolio management.
Optimizing our recovery rateAMCO maximizes the value of NPE portfolios under management.
We represent a best practice in our marketAMCO represents a best practice in Italy’s NPE management market, with characteristics in line with European guidelines.
We aim to increase our Assets Under ManagementAMCO creates economies of scale by acquiring and managing new portfolios, particularly in the UTP sector.