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Articles of Association
Articles of Association
Code of Ethics and the Principles for the management of impaired loans
The Code of Ethics and the Principles for the management of impaired loans represent the guidelines by which AMCO’s people, and all collaborators, implement the Mission, Vision and Values every day, managing loans responsibly, turning concepts into actions and principles into concrete examples.
Code of Ethics Principles for the management of impaired loans
organizational, management and control model pursuant to leg. Decree no. 231/2001
In order to prevent the commission of offences from which the administrative liability of entities pursuant to Leg. Decree no. 231/2001 may derive, AMCO has adopted an organizational, management and control model, most recently updated by resolution of the Board of Directors on 16 march 2021.
The Company adopted a specific tool available at the following link to allow the reporting to the Organismo di Vigilanza of any situation that could be in breach of the MOG and Code of Ethics’ principles.

For more details, please refer to the internal regulation in force from time to time, available in the Anti-corruption / Whistleblowing section.
transactions with related parties
In order to avoid possible distortions in the allocation of resources, as well as the Company's exposure to risks that are not adequately measured or monitored and potential damage to its shareholder and counterparties, AMCO S.p.A. has established rules governing Transactions with Related Parties.
Although the Company is not required to comply with specific legal and regulatory requirements (since it is neither a bank nor a listed share issuer), these rules take into account the applicable provisions laid down by the Bank of Italy and CONSOB, together with the relevant best practices. More specifically, the rules provide for the adoption of specific controls and operating procedures relating to the management of transactions with the aforesaidsaid Related Parties to ensure the transparency of the transactions and the control of any such activities thus undertaken.
CONSOB Regulation no. 17221/2021
Bank of Italy Circular no. 263/2006 TITLE V, Chapter 5
corporate bodies
Board of Directors
curriculum vitae
Chief Executive Officer
curriculum vitae
curriculum vitae
curriculum vitae
curriculum vitae
The Board of Directors of AMCO S.p.A. is comprised of 5 members, appointed by the Company’s 2023 Shareholders' Meeting; the Board normally serves a three-year term. The composition of the Board of Directors ensures compliance with current provisions on gender balance. The Directors of the Company must meet the integrity and experience requirements laid down by the Consolidated Law on Banking for the corporate representatives of banks and financial intermediaries and are subject to the causes of ineligibility, incompatibility, suspension and forfeiture provided for by the aforesaid legislation as well as other regulations applicable to public companies such as AMCO.
corporate bodies
Board of Statutory Auditors
Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors
Standing Statutory Auditor
lo prejato
Standing Statutory Auditor
Substitute Statutory Auditor
Substitute Statutory Auditor
The Board of Statutory Auditors of AMCO S.p.A. is comprised of three Statutory Auditors, including the Chairman, most recently appointed by the 2021 Shareholders' Meeting, together with two Substitute Auditors. The composition of the Board of Statutory Auditors ensures compliance with current provisions on gender balance. The Board of Statutory Auditors normally serves a three-year term. The Company's Statutory Auditors must meet the integrity and experience requirements laid down by the Consolidated Banking Act for the corporate representatives of banks and financial intermediaries. The provisions on impediments provided for by the aforesaid regulations apply to Statutory Auditors.
other bodies
Supervisory Body
External Member and Chairman of the Supervisory Body
External member
Internal member
In accordance with the provisions of Leg. Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (governing the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including entities without legal personality), the Board of Directors of AMCO S.p.A. appoints an independent Supervisory Body that is independent and competent with respect to the control of risks relating to the specific activities carried out by the Company, and which is responsible, in particular, for supervising the functioning of the Company and its compliance with the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by the Company pursuant to the aforementioned Leg. Decree. The current Supervisory Body was most recently appointed by the Board of Directors by resolution of 30 April 2021 and it shall serve until the approval of the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2023. The SB is comprised of three members (two external and one internal) chosen from among qualified individuals holding the necessary autonomy, experience, independence and integrity required under current regulations.
other bodies
Manager in Charge of financial reporting
Manager in Charge of financial reporting

Subject to the binding opinion of the Board of Statutory Auditors, the Board of Directors appoints the company's financial reporting manager as per Article 154-bis of Leg. Decree no. 58 of 24 February 1998, for a period no less than the duration of the Board's term of office and no more than six fiscal years. The Manager in charge of preparing the company's financial reports must meet the integrity requirements for directors and must be chosen on the basis of their experience and competence.


In its resolution dated 30 november 2022, the Board of Directors appointed Luca Lampugnani as Financial Reporting Manager.

other bodies
Court of Auditors
As a subsidiary of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, pursuant to art. 12 of Law no. 259/1958, AMCO S.p.A. is subject to the financial management control of the Court of Auditors. More specifically, the Presidency of the Court of Auditors appointed the following individuals as authorized inspectors of the Company's financial management:
giuseppe maria
Chief Inspector
Deputy Regional Prosecutor
other bodies
audit firm
AMCO S.p.A.'s accounts are audited by a statutory auditing firm listed in the appropriate register and appointed by the Company's Shareholders' Meeting on the basis of a reasoned proposal from the Board of Statutory Auditors. The duties of the Independent Auditors include verifying that the company's accounts are properly kept and that operations are correctly entered into the accounting records and that the annual financial statements and any consolidated financial statements provide a true and fair view of the Company’s financial position and operating performance for the year and comply with the relevant regulations. The mandate is for nine years.
The Independent Auditors of AMCO S.p.A. are currently Deloitte & Touche S.p.A., appointed in 2019.
Deloitte & Touche S.p.A.
Via Tortona, 25
20144 Milan
Tel. +39 02 83322111
organizational structure
department heads
Name Role CV Nomination date Declaration pursuant to Legislative Decree 39/2013
Claudia MANGIONE Head of Internal Audit CV 02/07/2018 Declaration
Marco SALEMI Chief Risk Officer CV 01/02/2019 Declaration
Lorenzo LAMPIANO Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs CV 02/07/2018 Declaration
Manuela OGNISSANTI Head of Compliance CV 01/02/2018 Declaration
Laura SPOTORNO Head of Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability CV 02/09/2019 Declaration
Marco Vittorio MINETTI Head of AML CV 08/03/2022 Declaration
Luca BATTAGLIERO Head of HR, Transformation and Internal Communication CV 04/11/2019 Declaration
Roberto ZAMBOTTI Head of NPE Investments & Business Development CV 03/04/2018 Declaration
Fabio PETTIROSSI Head of UTP/PD CV 05/04/2018 Declaration
Nicola CARNEVALE Head of Workout CV 05/9/2022 Declaration
Giorgio PICCARRETA Head of Special Partnerships & Servicers CV 01/01/2022 Declaration
Stefano CHIOCCHETTA Head of Real Estate CV 01/10/2020 Declaration
Marco Daniele DINU Head of Credit & Portfolio Management CV 31/10/2022 Declaration
Eadberto PERESSONI Chief Financial Officer CV 01/03/2021 Declaration
Stefano MICHELI Chief Operating Officer CV 01/03/2018 Declaration
Luca LAMPUGNANI Manager in Charge of financial reporting CV 30/11/2022 Declaration
penalties for missed communications
No penalties have been imposed
societa controllate
Corporate Structure as at 30 June 2023. The percentage held by "other shareholders" of 0.22% comprises B shares held by other shareholders and treasury shares.