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Transactions with related parties


In order to avoid possible distortions in the process of resource allocation, as well as the Company’s exposure to risks that are not adequately measured or monitored and, finally, the emergence of potentially harmful situations for its Shareholder and counterparties, AMCO S.p.A. has prepared a discipline for Transactions with Related Parties.

This discipline, although the Company is not obliged to comply with specific legal and regulatory obligations (being neither a bank nor a company issuing listed shares), has been defined bearing in mind the current provisions on the subject defined by the Bank of Italy (Circular No. 285, Part III, Ch. 11) and Consob (Regulation No. 17221 of 12 March 2010 and subsequent amendments), together with reference best practices. In particular, it provides for the adoption of specific safeguards and operating procedures relating to the management transactions with said Related Parties in order to ensure the control of the activities undertaken in this area.