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Our Sustainability Strategy is outlined in the 4 GSSE pillars: Sustainable Governance, Sustainable Credit Management, Sustainable development of human capital, Environmental protection
2023 Sustainability Report
In an environment that pushes companies toward management models that are increasingly focused toward incorporating environmental, social, and governance aspects into business and strategy, AMCO has been on its sustainability journey since early 2021 that includes ESG factors throughout the value chain.

From ESG to GSSE

Our Sustainability Strategy
The four GSSE pillars form the basement on which our sustainability strategy is built and represent the areas in which, through our actions, we create value for all our stakeholders.
Sustainable Governance
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Sustainable Credit Management
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Sustainable Development of Human Capital
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Environmental Protection
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ISO 37001:2016

At the end of 2023 AMCO obtained the ISO 37001:2016 certification from Bureau Veritas, the international standard for corruption risk management systems.

The certification confirms the anti-corruption framework's full compliance with ISO standards and our steady commitment to preventing corruption both in core business processes and in related governance and support processes.



AMCO obtained the Leed GOLD certification for its headquarters in Milan in 2023, confirming its commitment to Environmental protection.

The Leed certification, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an American protocol developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), encompassing stringent standards to assess the degree of environmental sustainability of buildings.



AMCO is among the first companies in Italy to obtain the Fitwel certification for its Milan office in 2023. Fitwel is a voluntary, three-year corporate well-being certification standard issued by the Center for Active Design (CfAD) in New York City.

Fitwel values corporate health: its protocols focus mainly on the management of indoor and outdoor space, locations, operations, and maintenance procedures.


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