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AMCO is a joint stock company whose share capital – currently amounting to € 655,153,674 – is divided into 600,000,000 ordinary shares with no indication of par value, which are wholly held by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. In addition there are 55,153,674 B shares with no indication of par value and no voting rights, which are held by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, other shareholders and include treasury shares.


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AMCO is rated by the main agencies

Fitch Rating ‘BBB’ and ‘F2’
20 April 2023

Fitch has affirmed the Long-Term rating at “BBB” and the Short-Term rating at “F2”, Stable Outlook

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Standard & Poor’s ‘BBB’ rating
29 May 2023

S&P’s review: AMCO’s rating remains “BBB”, Stable Outlook, Short-Term rating remains “A-2”

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Fitch ‘RSS2’ ‘CSS2’ and ‘ABSS2’
2 August 2022

Fitch affirms our RSS2, CSS2 and ABSS2 ratings

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