solidity and performance drive our work
We stand by our stakeholders to transform complexity into a sustainable future and generate new business prospects.
100% owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF)
AMCO is a joint stock company whose entire authorized capital – currently €600,000,000, divided into 600,000,000 ordinary shares with no indication of par value – is held entirely by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.
programs and issuances
Technical and financial information on bonds.
Today our EMTN program amounts to €4 billion
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AMCO is rated by the main agencies
'RSS 2-' 'CSS 2-' and 'ABSS 2-' Fitch
12 September 2019
Fitch confirmed our RSS 2-, CSS 2- and ABSS 2- ratings.
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'BBB-' and 'F3' Fitch
1 July 2020
Fitch affirmed AMCO’s Long-Term IDR at ‘BBB-’ and Short-Term IDR at ‘F3’ with Stable Outlook
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'BBB' Standard & Poor's
27 October 2020
Standard & Poor’s affirmed AMCO’s Long-Term rating at ‘BBB’ and improved the Outlook to Stable
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Corporate transactions
Partial demerger MPS/AMCO
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