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AMCO, new values and ten principles



AMCO strengthens its vision and mission and declines its corporate values:
Ascolto Modernità Competenza Ottimismo

Milan, 12 September 2022 – Three years after its renaming and rebranding, AMCO strengthens its vision and mission and today unveils the new integrated system of values in which it identifies itself.

These values, which embed AMCO’s identity and constitute the foundation for its future development, were identified by AMCO’s people in a sharing-oriented process promoting recognition and identification for all.

Each value was declined on each letter of the Company’s acronym – AMCO – assigning it a new meaning. They are the following:

  • Ascolto, a proactive and positive approach to customers and all stakeholders, with a long-term view;
  • Modernità, the ability to shape new scenarios and business opportunities, identifying answers and technologically sophisticated solutions;
  • Competenza, the ability to manage and bring the most complex deals to completion successfully and with professionalism;
  • Ottimismo, which is the attitude of living the present with the objective of building a better future, by turning NPLs into new beginnings. Our business model respects debtors, avoiding financial and reputational stress, re-injecting resources and energy in the Italian economy.

«The value system is a new important step for our people, reflecting our daily commitment to all stakeholders, especially our customers. We are patient, ready to combine the maximisation of credit value with financial solutions that support the re-launch of deserving companies» says Marina Natale, AMCO’s CEO and General Manager.

AMCO’s integrated value system includes its Vision, Mission, Values, Code of Ethics and its 10 Principles for the management of impaired loans.

In addition to the rules of conduct to preserve the Company’s sound management and reputation,the Code of Ethics, which is our culture manifesto,incorporates the respect for human rights and the principles of the UN Global Compact.

The 10 Principles for the management of impaired loans represent a best practice and are new to the Italian NPE market. They are AMCO’s guidelines to protect ethical processes and a collaborative approach with customers, in line with a patient credit management:

  • compliance with rules and respect for the environment
  • integrity and confidentiality of information
  • creation of a constructive dialogue with customers
  • collaborative approach
  • management of vulnerability factors
  • equal treatment of all customers
  • prior sharing of all economic conditions
  • aligning partners to AMCO’s respectful and patient approach
  • fair and transparent management of conflicts of interest
  • promotion of financial education.

AMCO revives its image by strengthening the look and feel of the brand born in 2019 and developed throughout 2021 in a visual corporate campaign with a strong value and identity content.

The new campaign and graphic concept were designed in collaboration with Mercurio GP (, the strategic communication agency that worked on the creation of the Company’s rebranding in 2019, and winner of a tender to which 4 other agencies participated.

Photos by Marco Pieroni.

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