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AMCO: new headquarters in Milan to reduce the impact on the environment and promote employees’ wellbeing


Milan, 15 December 2021.

AMCO inaugurates today its new headquarters in Milan, which embodies the most modern and flexible work concepts that AMCO has made its own, as well as the commitment to sustainability that the company has decided to undertake.

AMCO aims to create a workplace that combines efficient and inclusive spaces with areas dedicated to collaboration, high levels of wellbeing for individuals, a sense of belonging for colleagues and value for all stakeholders, according to a philosophy that AMCO named “Smart Ways of Working”.

AMCO also aims at managing all its workplaces according to environmental and social sustainability principles. To this end, it is making improvements to the sites in Naples and Vicenza, starting with the work recently performed on ventilation systems.

Located within the new Business Campus “The Bridge” in Via San Giovanni sul Muro 9, the building that houses the new headquarters was renovated by InvestiRE SGR SpA on behalf of the Monterosa Fund, while the interior design was developed by Progetto CMR, which has always embraced values as environmental quality and innovation. The building is undergoing the LEED GOLD for Core & Shell certification process, thanks to its high environmental efficiency and sustainability standards. In addition, AMCO, as tenant, has applied for the LEED GOLD for Commercial Interior certification and, among the first in Italy, the Fitwel certification, testament to its focus on employees’ health and wellbeing.

The new offices in Milan have an overall surface area of almost 4,800 square metres across 7 floors above ground and two underground parking levels. The building is in one of Milan’s best-connected areas, encouraging the use of sustainable transportation thanks to its proximity to public transport and bike lanes. The company’s parking lot includes two areas for bicycle racks and 6 electric vehicle charging stations.

In addition, the systems and design of the spaces contribute to a positive impact on the environment and the climate. The lighting system is regulated by motion detection sensors. The building uses renewable energy through contracts with green energy providers, while a photovoltaic system powers the communal areas. The summer and winter air conditioning system, including the primary air system, is in line with the best technologies in terms of energy efficiency and climatic comfort. All these elements aimed at reducing consumption will lead to cost efficiencies and to decrease the building’s environmental impact.

The environment stands out for the brightness and fluidity of the spaces. The interior design, intended to meet AMCO’s constantly evolving needs using a scalable and sustainable approach, is based on a desk-sharing model to allow to operate in an agile mode. In addition, there are areas dedicated to collaboration and concentration such as focus rooms, phone booths, meeting rooms, sitting rooms, and break areas for informal meetings.

As it places more and more emphasis on wellbeing, AMCO also deemed it important to give employees the possibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle also in the office, adopting cutting-edge solutions to distribute, store and heat food for the lunch break and making webinars that promote food culture available to employees.

The corporate and brand identity is bolstered by the display across the spaces of images and messages that sum up AMCO’s mission, a campaign that is making its debut in the new building and that was developed in partnership with Mercurio GP and the photographer Marco Pieroni.