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AMCO and Chartered accountants: cooperation agreement



The initiative foresees the launch of an operational interface for the exclusive use of registered accountants

Milan, 23 March 2023AMCO-Asset Management Company and the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts (CNDCEC) signed an annual memorandum of understanding to start close cooperation between accountants registered with the Association and AMCO’s professionals to optimise credit management and facilitate settlement proposals with debtor clients.

The initiative envisages that AMCO will activate an operational interface for the exclusive use of chartered accountants who, on behalf of their clients in the context of judicial/extrajudicial assignments, wish to discuss a settlement proposal with AMCO.

AMCO will periodically monitor the use of the service by analysing accesses to the interface. On its side, the Association will promote the awareness of these services among the “Territorial orders” of the category in order to reach all members registered with the Association.

AMCO and CNDCEC will set-up a technical-operational committee to define the characteristics of the service package, access procedures and related forms.

“We are happy to be able to start a productive path of dialogue and cooperation with registered accountants, providing effective tools to better support Italian corporates by favouring collaborative solutions in line with AMCO’s sustainable approach” explains Marina Natale, CEO of AMCO.

“With this protocol – says the chairman of the registered accountants, Elbano de Nuccioa structured interaction path with AMCO starts, thanks to which an important tool is created for accountants engaged in the credit management both in their roles as coadjutors of the judge in insolvency proceedings and as consultants to Italian entrepreneurs. A unique virtuous communication model”.