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AGM Resolutions



  • AMCO’s AGM approved the 2020 Financial Statements. 
  • EBITDA at €158.9m (+210% y/y), thanks to strong revenue growth, up to €214.1m (+126% y/y), and cost increase leveraging on economies of scale. EBITDA margin at 74.2%.  
  • Net profit at €76m (+80% y/y).  
  • Strong capital position: CET1 ratio at 37.4%, supporting future business growth. 
  • AMCO’S AGM resolved to allocate the profit of AMCO S.p.A. for the year 2020, amounting to € 74,8m, to the equity reserve. 

Milan, 21 April 2021 – AMCO informs that the Company’s General Meeting, held on April 20, 2021, approved the 2020 Financial Statements.

2020 consolidated net profit amounted to €76.0m, showing strong growth (+80% y/y) thanks to the strong increase in operating profitability.

The AGM also resolved to allocate the profit of the parent company AMCO S.p.A., amounting to €74,8m, to the equity reserve.

The Company’s strong capital position is confirmed: CET1 ratio stands at 37.4% and creates flexibility for further business expansion. The Debt/Equity ratio is 1.4x.